Clinics and Services

To attend one of these clinics please ring our reception on 024 7667 2277.




Antenatal Clinic

Held by: Midwife

The midwife is available on Tuesday morning and afternoon for bookings and Thursday morning for routine checks.

This is run by the midwife and a doctor is available if necessary. Please bring a sample of urine with you each time.

Requires GP Referral? No

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Cervical Smear Tests

There has been a recent change in the national cervical screening policy. We now start doing smear tests at the age of 25 (not 20). This is because in younger people the smear can look odd simply due to immaturity of the cervix and is therefore difficult to interpret. A lot of young people under 25 were called back for further testing and subjected to considerable unnecessary worry. By waiting until women are 25 we can avoid this. The risk of cancer of the cervix is also extremely low in the under 25 age group.

When your next smear test is due you will receive a reminder by post. This is sent out by Coventry & Rugby Clinical CommissioningGroup (CCG) on behalf of the practice. Please make an appointment for a smear test with the nurse (or doctor) and, if possible, tell the reception staff what you are coming for so adequate time is allotted.

Women will be sent for a further test every 3 years from the age of 25 up to the age of 49 and then every 5 years up to and including the age of 64.

All women will receive the result of their cervical smear test by post. The nurse or doctor who takes the smear should be able to tell you roughly how long the results will take.

Requires GP Referral? No



The doctor will discuss with you the methods of contraception available.  The pill, cap and coil, Depot injections, pessaries and creams are all available free on prescription. We are unable to prescribe the sheath but will advise on its use and the nurse is able to issue some supplies.

Coil fitting and implanon fitting are available at the surgery. Please speak to a receptionist for details or to book an appointment.

Please Note: The “morning –after pill” can be taken up to 5 days (120 hours) after the event, but please contact us earlier if at all possible as it is most effective in the first 24hours.  It is also available from Integrated Sexual Health Services (ISHS) Clinic at City of Coventry Health Centre. Call 0300 020 0027 for more information and times.  

Requires GP Referral? No

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Maternity Services

Held By: Midwife

Although we are able to offer full maternity services we are unable to supervise home deliveries. Speak to a doctor or a midwife about the services available.

Requires GP Referral? No



Held by: Nurses & Healthcare Assistant

Bloods can be taken at the surgery. Please make an appointment and remember to bring the request form with you for the blood test.

Requires GP Referral? No

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