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If you are travelling abroad and require vaccinations you will need to complete a travel risk assessment form and contact the surgery in plenty of time to make an appointment for your vaccinations.

Some courses of vaccinations take two or three months to complete so please take this into consideration when planning your journey.

Most travel vaccines are ordered on a private prescription and incur a charge over and above the normal prescription charge.

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Please note we are not a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

Travel Vaccination

International travel, whether for personal or business reasons, can be challenging if you are not prepared. Disease, illness, crime, and injury happen unexpectedly to even the most experienced travellers. Planning for good health on an international trip is as important as buying tickets or obtaining a visa and passport.

It is important to make this initial request as early as possible – at least 6-8 weeks before you travel. These vaccines have to be ordered as they are not a stock vaccine. Your appointment for the vaccination to be administered needs to be at least 3 weeks before you travel to allow the vaccine(s) to work.

Please contact a member of our reception team to book your initial telephone consultation with one of our experienced practice nurses. The Nurse will require to know which countries, and areas within countries, that you are visiting to determine what vaccinations are required.

Unfortunately it may not always be possible to accommodate your requests at the surgery if left too late.


These travel vaccinations can be given by your GP practice under the NHS

Medication for fear of flying and Medical Procedures

People often request the doctor to prescribe diazepam for fear of flying or assist with sleep during flights or before a medical procedure.

There are several reasons why prescribing this drug is not recommended.



You will need to pay privately to obtain the following vaccinations for travel purposes

List of costs for non NHS vaccination

Vaccination FMC fee per vaccination
Meningitis ACWY135 vaccine £50
Japanese B encephalitis vaccine (2 required) £89
Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine (2-3 required) £65
Rabies vaccine (3 required) £60

Malaria Tablets

Some antimalarial tablets (for adults) are available without a private prescription from most Pharmacies over the counter. The Nurse will advise you on the type of anti-malarial medication is required for your particular destination.

All other malaria tablets are available on a private prescription for which there is an £15 charge. You can then shop around for the best price for the actual tablets as the costs do differ.


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