Make an appointment

Booking an Appointment

All of our doctors will help you deal with acute and long-term health problems and illnesses. This will always involve advice on how you can help yourself, often problems can be dealth with on the phone, sometimes it will involve treatment in the surgery or medication, and at other time a referral to local hospitals may be necessary.

Book Ahead Appointments
For any ongoing medical problems a patient will be able to book ahead up to 4 weeks in advance with the doctor of their choice by speaking to the reception staff. For the best chance of booking an appointment with the doctor of your choice at a time convenient to you, we recommend booking ahead as options may be limited the shorter the notice for an appointment.

On the Day Appointments
If a patient contacts the surgery wanting to see a doctor that day, we will arrange for one of the doctors to ring you back to plan the best way to help. This may mean coming down for an appointment with the doctor, but it may be that the matter can be dealt with on the phone, or by arranging for a prescription to be collected, or for some tests to be done. Please be aware that all calls from a doctor will be on a withheld number or from a mobile that does not receive incoming calls.

There will be doctors available to ring you back throughout the day and they will deal with all requests for appointments as promptly as possible, usually within an hour (although this may be longer over the lunch time period due to visits).

We will do our best to fit the patient in with the doctor of their choice but this may not always be possible as each doctor will only be able to see a certain number of patients in a morning or afternoon.

Online Appointments
Appointments can be booked online up to four weeks in advance by registering for Online Services. Please see our 'Do It Online' page for more information about how to register for this service.

Text Appointments (for hard of hearing patients)
We have a mobile phone number available for hard of hearing patients. This number can be used to request an appointment or repeat prescription. Please ask at reception for details.

We make every effort to keep appointment times but there may be occasions when they overrun.

Helping the appointment system run smoothly

If you are unable to keep your appointment please notify the surgery as soon as possible, either by using the online cancellation form (at least 24 hours in advance), or by telephoning reception.

  • One appointment is for one person.  If you want another member of your family to see the doctor or nurse, please book a further appointment.
  • When arriving at the surgery for your appointment, always inform reception
  • Sometimes people can forget to tell the doctor all the important information about their problem.  It may help to write their symptoms down.
  • If you don’t understand what the doctor or nurse says to you, please don’t be afraid to ask for a further explanation.
  • It can sometimes help to have a partner or friend with you.
  • If you are seeing the doctor to discuss the result of an investigation or a recent hospital treatment, check with reception first that any important results or letters have been received.
  • Appointments may not be required to have insurance forms completed or renewal of sickness certificates.  Please ask at reception
  • If you would like a chaperone please speak to the Doctor.