Coronavirus FAQ

Please find below answers to many of the questions that we are being asked. Please check these before calling - helping us to keep our phone lines free for patients that are unwell and need to speak to us.

The Coronavirus FAQ page can be viewed from here


1.    How do I get my form for domiciliary bloods?

Answer: All essential blood forms, until further notice, are either being posted or emailed out, patient preference depending. 

Please understand that the postal system will also be under immense pressures, please check their website for updates


2.    Can I still attend my retinal eye screening appointment?

Answer: No, unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, the retinal eye screening service is being suspended until further notice. You will be contact when the service is able to be resumed. 

3.    Do I still attend my midwife appointment? 

Answer: Yes you do. At Forrest Medical Centre, we have implemented special measures to enable your essential midwifery care to be continued. 

Please observe the changed process we have applied to protect you in the current COVID-19 situation:

  • Please come to the surgery in a car if at all possible. 
  • Call the surgery to inform us that you have arrived. And stay in your car.
  • You will be invited into the building for the duration of your appointment only, this is to minimise your exposure and risk of COVID-19
  • Please observe the 2m social distance if you meet any other non-staff members during your movement into your appointment.

Further FAQ’s around your pregnancy can be found at


4.    My Doctor has issued my note/Med 3, how can I get it?

Answer: Sick notes/med 3 certificates will be either posted or emailed out to you. The document will be dated on the day it is issued by the GP. 

Please make sure when speaking to the GP please ENSURE you instruct the GP as to your email/postal preference. Making sure you give clear instructions as to your email address if it is not up to date on our system.

Due to work load pressures we will endeavour to send these out to you within 72hrs of issue. Please avoid calling us to check that this is being completed during this time. If you have not received the expected note within 7 days of your request please contact us via email or on 024 76672277 if you are unable to access an email facility.


5.    Can I have a ‘rescue pack’ because I am asthmatic/I have COPD?

Answer: No, unless this is part of your current/existing management asthma/COPD management plan or you have developed symptoms, which would indicate the need for you to have a clinical review.  


6.    I have had inhalers in the past and because of the current situation, ‘Can I have one just in case’?

Answer: Not usually. Unless you have inhalers prescribed as part of a current management plan we would not encourage an ‘in case supply’ in regards to these cases. 

You can still access health care should your symptoms indicate that you need to do so.  We remain able to assess and review people individually when clinically needed. 

7.    Am I one of the 1.5 million that need to self-isolate?

Answer: These people will be identified through a shared national system. Currently our surgery has NOT been instructed to identify or inform these people. Please see the link below for government information regarding this matter. We regret to inform you, that our call handlers will NOT be able to help you any further at this time regarding this matter. 

8.    What does self-isolation mean for me? 

Answer: It was announced on 23.03.2020 with effect from midnight, for a minimum of 3 weeks, the public generally NATIONALLY have been advised to apply strict social distancing actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please see the link below for further details as people will be affected differently:

9.    What shall I do, as need to evidence to my employer that I need to stay at home, or I will lose my job?

Please download this letter to hand to your employer.

10. Do I need a sick note for my period of enforced self-isolation?