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The building works have commenced and the new building is starting to take shape! The ground was cleared in December 2014, with the foundations being laid at the start of 2015. As can be seen from the photographs below, the building is coming along really well, looking great and will provide more rooms, easier access and a greatly improved environment.

The openig date for the new building has now been announced and we will start to work from there from Monday 21st September 2015! The last surgeries at our existing sites will be on Friday 18th Spetember 2015, we will then close these buildings at the end of this day, move the final items across over the weekend and be ready to operate from the new surgery on the Monday (21st September).

We will move both our telephone numbers across to the new site (024 7667 2277 and 024 7667 4873) so you will not need to worry about how to contact us.

We hope that as many patients as possible will move across with us. We will not be changing our practice boundary or removing any patient from our list who wishes to move across with us. We will also continue to offer a home visiting service for our housebound patients and those where the GP feels it is clinically appropriate.

A summary of the buses that run to the new site can be found by clicking on the link below.

Bus Timetable

You can also download a copy of the letter from ourselves and NHS England explaining to patients the options that are available to them

Patient Options Letter

Ground cleared and foundations laid - Jan 2015
Walls starting to go up - Feb 2015
Front of the building taking shape - May 2015
Sub-waiting area (upstairs) - May 2015
Main corridor (downstairs) - May 2015
Meeting room (upstairs) - May 2015
Main corridor (downstairs) painted - June 2015
Sub-waiting area (upstairs) painted - June 2015
Front of surgery - August 2015
Ground floor corridor - August 2015
Sub-waiting area (upstairs) - August 2015


Following nearly eighteen months working through feasibility options and business case approval, we are pleased and proud to announce that Arden Estate Partnerships (AEP) have been appointed as developers for our new 750m2 development that will be built on our Prior Deram Walk site in Canley. This new development will eventually see the closure of both of our current buildings in Mount St and Prior Deram Walk, but will combine the services that are currently offered from both of these sites into a new, modern, purpose bult facility. This will result in patients being offered more services and a wider choice of times to choose from.

This announcement was made at the Public Meeting held on Wednesday 17th July 2013 at the Village Hotel and a summary of this meeting, along with some of the key points, can be found by downloading our the July 2013 newsletter (below).

Public Meeting Summary Newsletter

We very much hope that all of our patients will move over to this new development with us and want to make it very clear that we will not be removing anyone from our list when the move does happen. We are very much aware that travel may be an issue for a number of our patients and want to re-assure people that we have been, and will be, speaking to Centro, Ring and Ride and any other options that may be available to make this issue less of a problem for people.

This is a really exciting development and opportunity for Forrest Medical Centre and we look forward to working with you in delivering the very best facility that we can to ensure that we are able to continue to provide the quality of service that we set ourselves.

Graphic boards are available at both surgeries with visualisations if you want a better idea of what is being developed, but the images below will give a general overview of what is being done and where it will be.

For clarification and to ensure there is no confusion, the new surgery is a Forrest Medical Centre GP development and so will not provide a dental or GP service for other GP surgeries, and it will not be a 'walk-in-centre' providing appointments for patients that are unable to get an appointment with their own registered surgery.